No DKT PID (PI-DKT)? No Problem!

Yes – Toshiba left the world of telecom, but they left behind hundreds of thousands of installed systems across the country.  And back in the good old days, you knew where to turn if you needed a paging interface for the DKT line – the DKT-PID (also known as the PI-DKT).  Which is also no longer made.

But as a phone guy, you may still have DKT systems installed in the field, and some may have a DKT-PID attached.  What are your options if the DKT-PID fails?  Until now, there weren’t any good options. 

We produce our DKT Pager 1 specifically because phone guys asked for it.  When they need a replacement unit – that’s what they need.  The DKT Pager 1 has the usual 600 ohm and DKT connections, allows the tech to turn BGM on and off and so on.  

Check out the DKT Pager 1 on our website:  Brought to you by RTI Inc. where we’ve been serving phone guys for 30 years with On Hold players, Music On Hold recordings for IP and hosted systems, Auto Attendant greetings — and yes – the DKT Pager 1, a direct replacement for the DKT PID/PI-DKT. 

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Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

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