What Can We Say On Hold?

Let’s talk about a phone guy’s customers who don’t think they need any recorded message on hold.  “We never leave anyone on hold for more than 15 seconds.”  I hear that one all the time – usually from people who left me on hold for a minute or two before they came to the phone. “We don’t have any information we need to provide our callers.”  REALLY?  I hear that one occasionally, too.  So I begin asking questions. What is your street address?  Simple driving directions?  Office hours? Website address?  How long have you been there?  Why are you better than your competitor down the street? (The answer is NOT – “we give better service” – never had a customer who didn’t say that!).  What geographic area do you serve?  What don’t your customers know about you? 

That last one is the most important – every business has customers who come to them for one or two products or services, and they are entirely unaware of the other things the business can do for them.  Take your business, for example.  How many of your customers know you can do computer cabling for them?  That’s the point of on hold messaging – inform callers about the business, in a way that will get more business.  

If you run into a business owner who still resists the idea – a few more questions:  “so you’re saying that 100% of your customers know every single thing you can do for them?”  And “you are satisfied with sales, and don’t want any more business?”  

Even businesses that don’t have a traditional product or service to sell can use on hold messaging effectively.  Like doctor’s offices.  Doctors have an enormous amount of information they can provide their patients while on hold.  How about churches?  Same thing.  Recordings we do for churches often end up with the longest scripts because they have so much to say. 

It’s always interesting to me to hear of businesses or organizations that think they need a website to provide information to the public, yet not want to put the same information on their phone system –including their website address!  

The next time one of your customers says they have no need of providing information on hold – ask them a few questions.  Call us with yours!

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