What do YOU have on hold?

Let’s talk about what your company has on hold.  Most phone guys make on hold message services available to their customers.  If they don’t make a regular practice of offering on hold services, it’s not unusual for customers to ask if the phone guy can supply them.  It’s much easier to be in the on hold business than it was when we started in 1991.  Back then, prospective customers would say “now WHAT is it that you do?” Today, everyone knows what on hold messaging is all about.  It’s just a question of where your customers are going to get what they need, and how much it will cost.

Which brings up an interesting question.  What will you hear if you’re put on hold when you call the phone guy’s office?  Even though they sell the service, some phone guys are playing the radio on hold, a “generic” recording that doesn’t say a word about their business, or – silence.  In a way, customers are being told “we sell this stuff, but we don’t use it.”

Most phone guys we serve offer data cabling, networking services, local dialtone, SIP trunks, hosted services, security systems, IP phones and more. Are you available ‘round the clock for emergency service? Do you offer maintenance agreements?  

I could go on.  The point is – do your customers know the answer to all those questions?  If not – you need a custom on hold recording!  When your callers on hold realize how much they have learned about your business after being on hold for a few moments, it will make it easier for you to sell on hold services to them for THEIR business.  

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