Free Money!

At the start of a new year, many phone guys say to themselves: “this year, we’re going to do some new things – and look for ways we can make more money.”  You may have been selling and maintaining phone systems for years, now you have IP systems, and you’re a hosted dealer (with the cash flow issues that causes).  Wouldn’t it would be nice if there was some way to make a few extra bucks with each sale?  There is.  If you’re not selling on hold services to your customers – someone else is.  

Some phone guys say they are in the telecom business, not the on hold business. They tell their customers that it doesn’t make much difference whether they have an informational on hold message or not.  They also grab someone in the customer’s office to record the auto attendant greetings – sometimes with frightening results 🙂

So – here’s your resolution. Learn about the on hold business (which takes about 60 seconds, then offer your customers the on hold option – even if your hosted provider already has “music on hold.”  Here’s what you tell customers:

  • Having a custom message on hold will make money for your company – because callers on hold will hear about aspects of your business they might not be aware of. If you’re a medical provider, you’ll save time explaining office policies over and over to each patient.
  • What percentage of your customers know everything that you offer?  If the answer isn’t 100%, on hold messaging can help inform them, inexpensively.
  • By not using message on hold as part of your marketing, you’re essentially saying “we don’t need more business” because you’re not using an opportunity to inform your customers.

If your customers say they just want music on hold – no message – we’ve had a few customers over the years who said marketing to their customers “doesn’t fit in with their corporate philosophy.”  I’ve noticed a few of those companies are no longer in business.  Now THERE’S a surprise.  

Call us for information. We’ll be happy to tell you the on hold story in person. 

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